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The most efficient and ecological way to eliminate mosquitoes.


Mosquito trap

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Mosquito trap

The Mostrap MT112V mosquito trap exterminates mosquitoes through dehydration in an area of 100m2 and is very quiet.

  • Environment friendly
  • Ecological extermination by dehydration
  • Open area: 100 m2
  • 0,01 € daily maximum consumption
    • The only effective and ecologic way to kill mosquitoes.
    • Environmentally free without pollutants emission.
    • Emits 5 irresistible stimulus to eliminate mosquitoes, imitating perfectly to the human being:
      - Respiration: mosquitoes are attracted by the carbon dioxide.
      - Perspiration: lactic acid smell is irresistible.
      - Breath: the octenol is a great attractant.
      - Heat: heat emission to simulate human body temperature.
      - Ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes.
    • Break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes by eradication of adult females, avoiding the creation of more eggs.
    • Ecological extermination by dehydration.
    • Open area: 100 m2.
    • 0,01 euro daily maximum consumption.
    • Silent 30 dB.
    • Indoor use and terraces, porch and tents, etc.
    • "Bio-tech" cartridge for 30 – 45 days.
    • Removable and washable container.
    • Low power consumption.
    • Adaptor 12 V (included).
    • Power 18 W.
    • MT112VE: display box 12 units.



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