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Jata Guarantee

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Since 1943

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Glass blenders

Irons - Ironing Centers

Grilling plates


Beauty Accesories


Set of utensils and support

The set of utensils with support HACC5460 consists of 6 pieces of silicone and stainless steel of the highest quality and are also non-stick

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Set of mould and mini blender and chopper

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Oil-free air fryer

With the JEFR1222 air fryer, with 2 L of capacity, you will cook in a healthy way and obtaining juicy and crunchy results

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Oil free deep fryer

Enjoy delicious and crunchy oil-free fried foods with the 5-liter CAPACITY JEFR1225 and 8 cooking programs.

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Enjoy the best, delicious and healthy recipes from Chef Bosquet, the trendy chef who will make you eat without regrets

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Air purifier with UV-C lamps


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Inox citrus juicer with handle

Stainless steel juicer with handle. Professional AC motor, quiet and maximum efficiency

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595 and 593 body analyzers do not connect to the app

In order to solve this problem we have created a video with which you can clarify all your doubts visually.

My PL618, PL1036, PL1028, PL501N irons, water comes out of the base and no steam comes out.

In order to solve this issue we have created a video with which you can clarify all your doubts in a visual way.