595 and 593 body analyzers do not connect to the app

In order to solve this problem we have created a video with which you can clarify all your doubts visually.

PA1550W. I cannot connect the panel with the application

In order to solve this problem we have created a video with which you can clarify all your doubts visually.

My glass blender does not work

For the correct operation of the glass blenders we must place the jar gasket in its correct position. If not, the pinions may break. We have created a video where we indicate how to do it.

My hair clippers pulls my hair

To prevent a haircut from pulling, we must grease the blades well.
See instructions for your Hair Clipper and see where the oil should be applied for optimal operation.

My sewing machine is locked

It is very common for threads to get stuck in the bobbin case. To solve this issue we have created a video where you can see practical advice.

My PL618, PL1036, PL1028, PL501N irons, water comes out of the base and no steam comes out.

In order to solve this issue we have created a video with which you can clarify all your doubts in a visual way.

EX611, EX1044, EX613 stops after squeezing two oranges

Do not exert force on the arm. Just guide it to avoid stopping the engine and having an overheating. In this way it has a continuous operation and it does never stop.

My mixer stops

For mixers, you must pay attention to the rest period that is needed, specified in the instructions of the Mixers product. It should not be used for a long time in this way we will prevent it from overheating and the motor from being damaged.

The FR326E fryer does not fit 1.5L

The tank capacity of this fryer is 1.5L in its totality, the oil capacity will vary depending on the use, reaching out to 1.3L

EV102; EV106; EV109 vacuum sealers creates a vacuum, but does not seal.

To optimize the use of our vacuum sealers we must take into account:

1. Canners should not be stored with the lid closed. If we keep it with the lid open we will avoid deformations in the rubber. Good rubber maintenance is essential for perfect operation.

2. Use always JATA rolls and bags.

VIN145 induction plate; Output Error on the display

To avoid this error, we must consult the instruction manual of the device and check the assumptions contained therein.

MT8 does not trap mosquitoes.

Our MT8 is one of our most powerful mosquito traps with proven effectiveness. This system directly attacks the life cycle of the mosquito (which is 10/15 days) so it has an adaptation period where its effectiveness may be diminished.


  • The results become evident after 15 to 20 days 
  •  It has to be plugged in continuously.
  • At a recommended height of 1 -1.5 m from the ground more or less.
  • Keep it sheltered from the rain.
  • When placing the cartridge remove the film and aluminum foil. 
  • When placing the cover, we have to make sure that the grooves coincide and remain open. This helps the essence of the cartridge to come out better.
My grilling plate does not heat.

If your grillinb plate, both aluminum and terracotta, stop heating and the pilot continues to light, it means that a problem has arisen in the thermostat and for safety reasons the fuse has blown.

Contact the our support teeam, report the fault to them and they will fix your problem quickly.

Tips for cleaning the grilling plates and preserving them in an optimal way

TIP 1:

  • Step 1: Once you finish cooking and without turning off the iron, put some ice cubes on it. Try to avoid adding too much so that the fat collection tray does not get too full and the liquid spills out.    
  • Step 2: Once you have the ice on the surface, turn off the iron and with the help of the sponge of the scourer (never on the part that scratches, or the non-stick coating can be damaged), rub the surface.  
  • Step 3: Dry well the surface with kitchen paper.

TIP 2:

Turn on the grill plate, allow it to heat up and place a non-very
aggressive anti-grease and clean with the sponge part of the scourer,
only on the soft part, or on the contrary surface could be scratched or

The non-stick coating on my grilling plate has been deteriorated.

To prevent the non-stick coating from deterioration, you must have an optimal cleaning of our grill plate (see cleaning tips).

In addition, you should never use metal accessories that can damage the surface, abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.

The maintenance of a grill plate, as well as other electrical appliances, is essential to extend its useful life.

My grilling plate has darkened.

That light plates can darken is completely normal due to the pigment of the food. This is not a sign of aging but of use and will not have any effect on the operation of the appliance.

A small crack appears in the clay plate of my gilling plate.

Clay is a living material and it is completely normal for small cracks to appear on the upper surface.

It is something that should not worry you and does not affect the operation of the device. The small cracks are due to the temperature changes and its manual production process.

Our Terracotta plates are handmade in Segovia to keep the benefits of the material intact. If you want to know more about the process watch this video.

My Terracotta grilling plate does not heat or it takes long time to heat.

The main material that this plate is made of is clay, and clay heats up differently. It is more difficult for this type of material to warm up (around 10-20 minutes) than the metal grilling plates. Once the griddle reaches temperature, it takes more than 20-30 minutes to cool down, making it perfect to take to the table and finish cooking on it.