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Protect yourself from the cold on the freezing winter days.


Dual Kherr

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Silicium Accumulator - Optimax

The Silicon accumulators Dual Kherr Optimax offer greater efficiency and maximum thermal inertia. Compact and robust. A unique product in the world, developed and manufactured entirely in Spain.

  • Efficient heat: combination of double emission by radiation with a fast convection
  • Control of consumption
  • Maximum inertia
    • "Dual-Kherr®” silicium accumulator. Patented heating system..
    • Efficient heat: combination of double emission by radiation with a fast convection.
    • Maximum inertia, keeps hot till 80% more time and without consumption.
    • Silicon inertial heating, optimum heating transmission.
    • Control of consumption and silicon technology accumulation. Smooth and homogeneous heat.
    • 2 functions:
      • Eco: room temperature at 18ºC with minimum consumption.
      • Plus, continuous heat, without interruptions.
    • Anti-frost function.
    • 2 switches. 2 heating powers: 1.000 – 2.000 w.
    • Analogic control.
    • Compact and resistant: high resistant steel and Dual Kherr accumulator in minimum space.
    • Classic outter finishing.
    • Product totally developed and manufactured in Spain. Maximum quality and security.
    • Ecological and reciclable.
    • Silent.
    • Rotatory wheels.
    • Measures: 50 x 56 x 10 cm.
    • Voltage 230 V.
    • Power 2.000 W.



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