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We present the wide range of home appliances that will make your day-to-day easier.

Dietetic kitchen

Double roasting grills

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      • REmovable and reversible plates.
      • Grill plates, flat and ribbed, 290 x 230 mm.
      • Floating upper cover, adjustable in height, special for hamburgers, entrecôte, sandwiches and fish.
      • 180 º open as a grill.
      • Stainless steel handle.
      • "Super Diet" system. To slope the plate and make easier the sauce collecting.
      • Non-stick coating free of PFOA.
      • Adjustable thermostat of temperature.
      • 2 independent pilot lights: on / ready.
      • Sauce tray.
      • Closing clip for storage.
      • Vertical storage.
      • Voltage 230 V.
      • Power 2.000 W

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